Zanne Nelson

She states that philosophically, her pieces are about becoming - as they are external, visual markers of an internal, personal process of moving toward wholeness. Aesthetically, she describes the pieces as being “geomorphic” or basically derived from simple two dimensional geometric designs that are then given a three dimensional “body”. Her hope is that these elemental forms connect with the viewer on a universal, archetypal level.


The pieces are constructed in clay using the coil method over a slab-built skeleton.  Surface treatments are one, or a combination of, low fire underglaze, washes, and glazes. She has more recently been exploring the possibilities of translating her sculptures into bronze, as she looks at it as “Some sort of alchemy that seems to be at work, transforming mud to metal”. Working in bronze allows her to create limited editions, to caste forms on any scale, and remove the limitation of not being able to place the pieces in outdoor settings.

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