Tim Read

When he created his first metal head in 1986, he was influenced by the large stone heads of the Olmecs. Having been introduced to ancient South American and Mexican sculpture on a visit to Mexico City when he was a teenager, it has left a lasting impression. He found that the head and face, which is the basis of his sculptures, made a powerful connection with the viewer. After considering the recognizable traits in his sculpture, he wanted the viewer to explore the sculptural ideas of space, mass, and volume. Many of his sculptures are pierced with openings and spaces to allow the eye to penetrate the form and give a sense of the interior versus the exterior and the relationship between the volume and the surface. He also create small figurative sculptures in bronze where he works directly in wax with his hands. It is interesting for him to go from large to small and vice versa. Over the years he has completed and installed many large scale sculptures, including a commissioned set of heads, Athena and Apollo, for Richard Weidman and artist Jonathan Green in Naples, Florida in 1994, which Apollo was later acquired by The Naples Museum of Art in Naples, Florida for their permanent collection in 2009.