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Susan Pascal Beran

Susan's delightful kinetic pieces are composed of elements that gyrate in opposite and interdependent planes of motion, creating a playful dance that mirrors the force of ambient wind and weather.


Her work has been featured in "Healing the Mind" with Bill Moyers on PBS, the windows of Tiffany & Co., and at the Lincoln Center in NY. Alta Bates Hospital in Oakland, Ca and the California cities of Los Altos, Mountain View, and San Jose have all commissioned major monumental works by her.

Susan studied at various schools, including Stanford University, The Sorbonne in Paris, and Connecticut College.  She studied not only art, but linguistics, history, physics, dance, botany, and design. From her late husband, mentor, and collaborator, Czech sculptor Josef Beran, she learned metal work and engineering. It is to him that she credits her wildly playful style, which incorporates German principles of purity, functionality, and form.

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