Ruth Weston

I create abstract figurative sculptures from stoneware clay.  My work is intended for both indoors and outdoors.  My background in ceramics is unique for an artist.  I studied sculpture at the University of California Berkeley.  I studied art history in Florence, Italy where I acquired a fascination for figurative sculpture.  After teaching high school for five years, I returned to college and studied ceramic engineering at Rutgers University.  My approach to my craft includes the knowledge of ceramics as a science in addition to that of an artist's craft.  My craft has been learned from other ceramic artists but has also evolved as an engineering process, which is constantly being modified according to what is needed to move my art in new directions.  This gives me the freedom to experiment while creating and allows unexpected outcomes to be incorporated into my work.

My new sculptures are abstractions created by combining sections of the figure.  They are colored with pigments that I create from powdered metal oxides mixed with clay slip.  I have developed many recipes, which give me a variety of pastel tones and bright surfaces from which I create.  Color has always been an important part of my process.  Pigments stain the clay enhancing its natural appearance and give tactility to my work.

My art is a celebration of the feminine, with distinctly female subject matter.  Through my art, I have recaptured the ability to express aspects of my womanhood.  My sectioned figures mirror the existential nature of my life divided into being a mother, a wife, a professional ceramic engineer and an artist.