Rebecca Henson

I am an "intuitive" artist. I do not preconceive form, but rather I allow the hidden parts of the psyche to manifest in outward form. I am always surprised at what I create; sometimes light, sometimes shadow. When the light manifests, I am reassured and delighted, when the shadow manifests I am relieved because the darkness is out in the light, in physical form, so that I can deal with it emotionally at a conscious level. I hold a graduate degree in theology.


My theology of spirituality and my philosophy of art have become so organically wed that there is no longer any separation between the two - each informs the other. I have worked as a spiritual care counsellor with hospices, forensic psychiatric hospitals, and in the department of veteran affairs with our veterans.


Art helps me to better understand myself. The better I can know myself, the more effectively I can serve others. I live and maintain an art studio in the coastal mountain range of Santa Cruz County, California.