Maria Battista

It has been said that all art is essentially poetry. The capacity to “read” life in this way, to perceive order and beauty, metaphor and meaning in the ordinary, is possible for everyone but may be the particular purview of the artist. From this perspective, I usually say that art is my sanity, my service, and my psychological and spiritual practice. It is also true that I make art for the simple, gritty joy of handling the elements of the earth: I love to be covered in stone dust, metal, and clay, making art out of the substance of the mountains! So, both the esoteric and the elemental drive my creative activity.

Though it is still suspect in today’s art market, I work with the body as subject matter because it is the sacred form to which we can all relate as physical beings. I do not distort, or disintegrate the body in my work as do many contemporary artists. To me, the human being is soft. I seek to portray this with respect for our shared vulnerability, our universal emotional experience, and our innate need for a relationship.