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Madeleine Vanderpool

Born in Morristown, NJ, in 1912, began sculpting after boarding school in New York City at the Sherwood studios under Genevieve Hamlin, learning first in clay models when she spent four years in Paris to meet Mateo Hernandez, a famous self-taught animal sculptor. She studied with him for four months in 1931 refining the techniques of granite cutting, "Taille Direct", meanwhile living in Paris and drawing animals at different zoos. She later returned to New York City and studied with Richard Davis, another well-known animal sculptor, and opened a studio in Greenwich Village for several years. She married in 1939, had 3 children and lived in New Vernon, NJ, for twenty years, studying with Shorty Anderson for several years in metal and steel rods. She currently lives in Harpersville, where she continues to work in her own studio where she sculpts, paints, and writes. Her awards include the ‘Studio Guild’ in Old Forge, NY for her "BEAR AND CUB" (in marble), and "COCKER SPANIEL" (in granite) 1986; ‘Honorable Mention’ in Montclair, NJ, for "DRAFT HORSE" (in sandstone) 1960; ‘26th Annual State Exhibition’ in Montclair, NJ, for "ZEBRA" (in marble) 1957; ‘Max Strelsen Award’ for "OWL" (sandstone) 1953; and ‘First Prize’ at the Ellen Speyer Memorial for "GUINEA PIG" (in black granite) 1948.

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