Lorraine Loken

A New Mexico artist who received her master of Fine Arts Degree in printmaking from the University of Wisconsin, the Clay Monoprints are her specialty.  A clay monoprint is an original print pulled from a slab of damp clay using colored clay and colored clay slips which are made by using dry China clay, water and permanent pigments, which create a clay image that remains intact. The clay slips can be brushed or transferred onto the clay slab, one over another, building a design with various shapes, colors and textures.  Texture can be added to the clay slab by various means: etching into the slab with knives, combs, forks or placing objects such as clay ropes, strings, doilies etc. onto the surface. Once the slab is misted with water, a dampened piece of paper is placed on the slab, rolled with a rolling pin, after which a print is pulled.  The final product is protected with a special sealant and is then ready for sealing.