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Lance Latham

Born and raised in the Texas Panhandle, he was raised in a farming and ranching family. After completing high school, he served a hitch in the Army, and then returned to his home town and found work as a custom gunsmith. While honing his skills as a gunsmith, he was challenged with his first sculpting project, designing and making a complete set of custom ornamental hardware for a rifle. Once enticed with the intricacy of sculpting, he knew what his true passion in life was, sculpture. Intrigued with this new passion, he worked very hard to convey true emotion and feeling through his work. With a thorough knowledge of the entire foundry process, having worked at several major foundries in the US, he 

participated in creating such monumental sculptures as the Dallas Longhorn Project, Kevin Costner’s Buffalo Project, Panthers for the Carolina Panthers Stadium, and The Equestrian, the largest single equestrian bronze statue in the world. He has also had the privilege of working with such well-known artists as Sandy Scott, Walt Horton, Ken Payne, Larry Ludtke and others. He currently shares his knowledge with others through teaching figurative and wildlife sculpting classes, both professionally and privately.

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