Jeffrey M. Johnson

Receiving a a BFA in Sculpture at the Purchase College in SUNY, New York, he was awarded the President's Award for Achievement in the Visual Arts, and was Summa Cum Laude.


Showing work throughout New York and New Mexico, he feels that every day that he takes that leap into his Self-hoping to remember his true calling and the messages from that place, he often emerges with forms that move him which he produces in his work. His promise is to pass these forms and works on to others, hoping above all else to honor them with Skill and Integrity. For he feels there is Truth in them, that if they move another to take them inside (a heart or a home) and give them a "place", he has succeeded.
“I do not know when it was I forgot my true nature. Nor do I know when it was I decided to find it again… For all my forms are my Self, and if they succeed in moving another, we may finally remember we are ‘Not Two’…”