James Andrew McConnell

Jim has held jobs as a ski coach, alpine guide, prairie dog wrangler (live-trapping and relocating prairie dog colonies), counselor with street gang members in East Los Angeles, and business consultant in Melbourne, Australia. His primary work has been writing screenplays and assembling financial packages for feature films, a career of more than two decades. He has worked for Paramount, Disney and several Oscar-winning independent producers. A reviewer called Jim’s photography “New Surrealism”, a term sometimes misinterpreted as wild digital manipulation — something he eschews. Rather, “Surrealism” in Jim’s photos references ethereal, dreamlike visions of the connective tissues between the worlds surrounding us, natural, man-made and perhaps beyond, their tensions and their harmonies. Jim moved to New Mexico by accident and fell in love with the region, its people and its light. "When I find the words to describe the quality of light here I will know it is time to move. But I haven't come close to finding those words yet." Jim is at work with Jon Redturtle on a novel set in contemporary New Mexico. He rides (a motorcycle) and shoots (a camera) throughout the Southwest.