Holly Young

Born the second of six children outside of Boston, she displayed an unusual delight and aptitude for art as a young child, but chose an education that led to degrees in chemistry and philosophy.


In 1990, after ten years as a research and industrial chemist, she felt compelled to explore her lifelong attraction to art and moved to Denver where she convinced the owner of a fine art foundry to hire her as a laborer. There she quickly unfolded her natural talent for sculpting as she discovered that sculpting was a pure act of creation with its exhilarating process of transforming an idea into solid matter.


Working quickly and steadily, without analyzing, sometimes starting areas over and over' again, until the moment arrives when the piece begins to breathe on its own is what she lives for.

Each bronze is unique in its inspiration and intent, as she does not limit herself to any particular style or theme, but with the freedom of a master she moves with ease from realism to abstraction in order to impart an essential spirit to each piece.


Universally appealing, her sculptures have been shown in New York, San Francisco, Denver, Hawaii and Santa Fe, as well as overseas in England and Dubai.