Ginger Mongiello seems I have always been in pursuit of an essential spark of energy that can take one's breath away. The tracking of this germinal source has led me through many media...porcelain forms of bone-like translucency propose that light can illuminate matter. Works on paper and canvas have always started with the impulse of a gesture without hesitation. SOme of these - the best ones - have remained as spare and elegant lines, freely activating the space around them. Others have descended into densely layered paintings, impressionist-style brush strokes in currents and fields of explosive color harmonies.

More recent paintings have marked a dissolution of "the gesture" into fluid pours of color - calling to mind the radiance and immanence of life forms moving through their cycles. Many layered  transparencies evoke deep, interior space - perhaps within a cauldron of primal heat capable of melting down old forms into a new time of gestation and rebirth.