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Gib Singleton


"Emotional Realism" has best described the works of Gib Singleton. In his work, some figures appear to be stylized, and some border on the emaciated, but they all seem but just a heartbeat away from becoming human. They are intriguing figures that have lived real lives, filled with pain, hunger, grief, joy, lust, and above all, love turning their cold bronze exteriors alive through the strong gifted hands of the sculptor. Above all, Singleton has captured a yearning for spiritual knowledge with each new piece of work that unfolds a wondrous story. 


Gib Singleton has received numerous degrees from institutions such as the Washington University, St. Louis, MO; Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL; a scholarship to The Art Institute in Chicago; and a number of Fulbright Fellowships. One such Fellowship sent Gib to work as a staff artist in the Vatican for three years, which now holds many of his pieces in the Vatican Museum, including Pope John Paul II’s silver crucifix staff, with the bowed cross and Christ figure, that the viewer senses strength from but also a feeling of forgiveness; and a bronze and wood crucifix which rests beside the Holy Shroud of Turin in Italy. Another Fulbright Fellowship sent the Artist to Belle Di Arte Academy in Florence, Italy where he was awarded the most prestigious First Place Sculpture at Belle Di Arte Academy. During that time in Florence, Gib was also asked by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to help with the reconstruction of hundreds of pieces of centuries-old art, destroyed by the floods during the early 1960's. 

Known internationally, his works are part of many private art collections such as Golda Meir, former Prime Minister of Israel, who left her extensive collection of Singleton's work to the state of Israel; Yad Vashim Memorial in Jerusalem where a major piece of the Artist's bronze, created at age 23, hangs in; Former Governor Ruben Askew, Tallahassee, FL; Steven Donanos, Famous Artist Schooks, Westport, CT; Fuis Doria, Barcelona, Spain; Ben Dreyfus, Dreyfus Intl., New York, NY; Sammy Kahn, Composer, Beverly Hills, CA; Peter Max, Artist, NY, NY; Cardinal John McGuire, Rome, Italy; The Museum of Natural History, NY, NY; and Xerox Corporation.

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