Gatis Cirulis

Gatis's work explores non-verbal communication, symbols and ideas that unite cultures and cross language barriers. Underscoring his appreciation of nature's fluidity, beauty and struggle, his work is about the cyclical rhythms of nature - the reliable patterns that are part of the universal knowledge that can connect cultures without the use of language.

He has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator, art director and has taught design and art at the university level. His work has been shown and published both in the United States and in Europe. Gatis also works on commercial and residential murals in the US and abroad.


Originally from Latvia, Gatis has traveled across the United States for work and study, and has settled in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He grew up on a farm and pursued agricultural education until he came to the US.  It was then that he  enrolled in art courses at a small Michigan community college. Several years later, he earned an MFA degree from Indiana State University, Bloomington.


Gatis devotes his time to his family, freelance creative practice, martial arts and growing a garden in the desert.