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Ede Ericson

Ede's bronze interpretations of shape and form move past gender, race, religion and language to the voice within us all.  She finds the language of art to be a fundamental form of communication, and it has became her dictionary, thesaurus, and way of claiming words from their origin and giving them form.

She was given the great honor of being first assistant to sculptor, Gyuri Hollosy on "Aspirations of Liberty," a 14 foot bronze memorial of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. This solidified her desire to create works in bronze.


Born in Ypsilanti, MI in 1964, she holds a degree in Sculpture from Bethany College in Lindsborg, KS. She studied Art and Art History in Sweden and Scandinavia, which was the first time that she was exposed to Vigeland’s Park in Oslo.


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