Denise Williams

A self-taught artist, working diligently for the last 20 years to create a new and unique style utilizing traditional archival materials, it is thought she accomplished this goal in 2004 within what she refers to as the “Diaphaney Series”, both in artistic representation of subject matter and in the finish of pieces as well.  The end result is a depth and luminosity of product that is felt to be unique in the market.  This technique involves the building of many layers and textures utilizing Acrylic, paper, canvas, varnish and gel medium. In Santa Fe, she has learned many things about art; first to let her instincts guide her; to not worry about ambitions nor be concerned about what is therein; and to render art as born from the soul. Art, as her child taught her, “should have a life of its own as the night and day of which we inhabit and one should render many views therein – that is what we mean by abstract art or thinking.”