Debora Barrett


Debora has created ceramic vessels and sculptures for the past fifteen years.  Using the vessel as a canvas for her glazes, her thrown and hand-built stoneware pieces glow with their richly painted surfaces.  She likes color and enjoys reduction and raku firing (a process in which work is subjected to post-firing reduction causing crazing in the glaze surface).


Debora studied in New York at the Greenwich House Pottery School, the New York Academy of Art, and in Santa Fe at the Santa Fe Clay Studio. She also studied with Heidi Loewen at her Porcelain Studio in Santa Fe, NM. 

Debora and her husband, Bill Barrett, also a sculptor, divide their time between their studios in Santa Fe, NM and Tribeca, NY. She has lived and worked in Santa Fe for over twenty-five years and is the daughter of Tommy Hicks, sculptor and founder of Shidoni.