David Maple

His work is a culmination of 42 years of what he describes as “being, of people, places, experiences, and the natural world around me”.  It is his humble intent to bring those things that he holds dear to him; wood, metal, paint and found objects, that when put together in such a way can convey his expression of the "moment". He states that it is his hope that in that "moment” that is expressed in his work, it will invite the viewer to come closer because of something they perceive as familiar to them, that will then lead only to finding the unfamiliar in the end.

"I learned how to waterski/wake board at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay - pulled behind an oyster boat in between sharks and sting rays. I learned how to telemark ski and ice climb, later in life, with the North Face company out of Denver, CO and I would eventually acquire a 2 year Business Management/Marketing certificate, an AAS degree in Dental Technologies and Maxillo Facial Prosthetics, help invent and paten a few dental products, be accepted into the Maxillo Facial program in Dover, DE, practice fencing and become a fencing coach, learn the trades of cabinet making and timber framing, learn and work at a Bronze Foundry which would lead to the making of my own bronze sculptures and public art pieces thus becoming a full time artist/creative. I've been a leather craftsman that has made saddles for horses, and hoods for falcons and cheetahs, went to school to become a Farrier and would eventually work on Olympic horses, celebrity horses and regular good hearted backyard horses. I would learn the art of gelato making and with my wife open an Italian Gelato/Pastry/Coffee Shop in Santa Fe, NM and sell many pints through Whole Foods Market. I have also, recently, acquired a "two year" certificate in Welding(it only took thirteen years to complete)...I also wouldn't realize, until later in life, that I suffer from ADHD, ADD...I've come to embrace these two companions and they are, in part, what fuels my passion to be creative with my mind and hands. Focus! Knife making, Sculpture, steel work, wood work, jewelry making, functional art are all extensions of this for me. This is just a small part of "My Story". I feel we all have a "My Story" and that also fuels my passion, hearing other peoples "Stories" and their stories along with something I have made for them is even better. Whether its around the campfire, on the cellphone, email, FaceTime or text - other peoples stories are part of the fabric that holds us together as a people and brings what I create, for me, into a "full circle". I cant wait to hear your Story!"