Danielle Neibling

Thoughts on Sculpture.  

Dear Viewer, let me share some thoughts on what you see, if you are really looking at a sculpture, for it has a language all its own, different from painting. Mass. Think mountain, think tree, think about observing a powerful animal in motion. That mass whatever the shape, has force because it has a backside which compels you to walk around it to understand it fully and, it has to be compelling to inspire you to do this dance.

A sculpture should engage with the space around it whether that space is indoors or out. To display sculpture properly the space should suit the sculpture to allow it to express the inherent gesture. I think about these kinds of things when I work. There are no accidents in the studio though a great deal of time is spent exploring, feeling lost, seeking resolutions that are not too big, not too small, but just right.  

I know animals and enjoy using my knowledge to embody the way they move. The teeter totter of a goat on a narrow path, the powerful collection of lift in the spine of the horse, the splayed legs of a newborn lamb. 

When you look at sculpture today, look for the implied movement in and around the piece.  See it as dynamic, in motion. You will be speaking the language of three dimensional space.