Cécile Chalouni

Cécile Chalouni is a San Francisco based photographer and mixed media artist who was born in France. She grew up in an artistic family, collecting images of Nature and Fashion, and started photographying in her teens. Cécile studied Biology and Microscopy and holds a Ph.D from the University of P. et M. Curie, Paris. 

Cécile continues to develop her art practice through photography, digital exploration and mixed media compositions.  She has exhibited this work in galleries and other art venues in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, New Haven, and inAngers, France. Her images have been selected for publication in art magazines and scientific journals.

"Photography allows for the exploration and alternate perception of our daily environment. What touches me most is seeing the transformation of seemingly insignificant objects into meaningful and beautiful ones. My pictures are the result of a wandering and wondering state of mind, and are sometimes further developed to incorporate more elaborated narratives."