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Billy Kratzer

Her formal training took place at Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center where she studied with the renowned Boardman Robinson. Even when married and raising a family, she always pursued art in some form, from teaching art to children to working in art galleries.  Becoming interested in the media of clay, she studied with Eric Hellman, a master ceramist and fine teacher.  She worked under Hellman for a number of years learning good craftsmanship and adherence to excellence in materials.


She accompanied her husband on his sketching trips to the Southwest visiting Pueblos and reservations, developing a fascination for the various Indian cultures and began translating her feeling for the people of the Southwest into her artwork. Since then she has gained wide recognition for the ceramic sculpture with Native American themes, particularly women and children.  Having always had an empathy for clay, terra cotta became the perfect media for her one of a kind sculptures, which she built using the coil method with no armatures much like the southwest native potters.  She later had many of her works cast in bronze.

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