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Bill Weaver

Born May 6, 1952 in DesMoines, Iowa, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Metropolitan State College in Denver 1977, after a furniture apprenticeship with Ole' Jorgnenson, the Danish woodworker in 1970-72. Much of his work has concentrated on the problem of making metal assume a quality that one would not expect from such a material. As a younger artist, he worked as an apprentice to the master sculptor, accomplished painter, and former WPA program artist, Edgar Britton. Under Britton's influence he learned a master's integrity and ethics regarding materials, as well as gaining a strong foundation in old-world technique, both in fabricating sculpture and oil painting. In his days under Britton, Britton would sculpt clay figurines in the morning and hand them over to him in the afternoon for him to transform the clay figurines into metal, by fabricating them in sheet metal. Using now antiquated tools -different sized anvils (including an old sword anvil), and hemispheres- he learned to manipulate metal in unusual ways through the act of bending, folding, crumpling and stretching the metal into the soft, volumetric forms of the human figure. An adapted technique that he has integrated into his recent work to achieve the look of fabric. These technique integrated works have been exhibited and commissioned around the world including the "Box Fall" a five-foot fountain commission, 1994; "Magnifico!" the Invitational Sculpture Exhibition with the Museum of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM 1991; a Featured artist In "Colores," PBS-TV series, 1990; Lubbock Festival of the Arts, TX, 1987; Eve Cohen Gallery, Chicago, IL 1987; Commissioned piece for ‘Samsonite Luggage Company’ in Denver, CO; a cast bronze for the University of Colorado for university fundraising, 1983; Commissioned piece for ‘Teton Exploration and Drilling Co.’ Cheyenne for a cast bronze floor relief, 1978; and Zoom Club Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany, 1973.

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