Bill Meek

As a young child, he was affected by the monumental sculptures of Washington D.C. where he lived and had the opportunity to frequent regularly. He was awestruck and knew that he wanted to sculpt from that moment on.


As a self-taught artist, his influences have been broad as he feels he has been blessed with mentors who believed in him, inspired him, and challenged him.  Interestingly, none of his mentors had ever used glass as their medium. Though he has combined many other mediums with his sculptures, glass is still a constant fascination to him with the transparency and play of light and shadow making each piece unique and complex.  To him it is powerful yet fragile, intimidating but drawing people who want to touch it in.


In the past, he almost had a love-hate relationship with the medium when sometimes, after working days or weeks on a sculpture, it would break when it was near completion.  Heartbroken, he was always unable to discard the pieces, but over time this small mountain of broken glass became intriguing to him with their facets and textures. He finally decided that occasional breakage was something that could not be overcome, and so he needed to get over it and experiment with making a new style of sculpture. 


Now, breaking glass is part of his method all together, as he sees it as pushing the limits of the glass. Although sculpture is his main focus, he has also been recognized for his glass furniture designs where he enjoys the challenge and excitement by getting his ideas into a tangible piece that once again pushes the limits.