Aureleo Rosano

Born May 29, 1939 in New Britain, Connecticut to Sicilian parents, with an emphasis in schooling on sciences and mathematics, he is self-taught in the visual arts. In 1960, he left New England for the sunshine and new frontier of Tucson, Arizona where he currently resides. In Arizona, he worked as a dishwasher, house painter, copper miner, apartment owner-manager, and test engineering officer at Hughes Aircraft. He became a steamfitter in 1973 after completing 5-yr apprenticeship, and in 1976 he founded a control systems company, in competition with Johnson Control and Honeywell. His interest in mosaics and sculpture began in childhood and continues to the present, as an expression of his ideas. Primarily working in metal sculpture and Italian or stained glass mosaics, his main goal is to inspire the viewer to stop, look, and think about a common, ordinary idea in an uncommon way. His work is always concerned with strength and permanence where the best metals, glass, and other materials combined into mosaics and sculptural forms, will endure for generations.