Spring is here! Come celebrate its arrival on Saturday, March 25th, 2017 at Shidoni! We will have live music by the "Key Frances Band" and a truck by "High Altitude Food" will be available on our grounds. Festivities begin at noon. We'll see you there!

Shidoni Bronze Gallery and Sculpture Gardens

Located at the entrance to the 14,000 square foot  complex in what was the original foundry office. The Gallery officially opened in 1975, a year which also marked the First Annual Outdoor Sculpture Show. It is the oldest galley in the Santa Fe area under the same ownership.  With its large wooden beam construction and brick floors, visitors are invited to browse among the largest selection of contemporary sculpture to be found in the Southwest.  The variety of styles is unequaled, encompassing abstract, non-objective, realism, functional, kinetic, found object and fountains.  Its warm and friendly atmosphere encourages guests to relax, ask questions and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.  Works in bronze, stainless steel, copper, iron, and mixed media representing over 100 local and nationally known artists, are available for purchase and priced for every budget.  In addition, original designs in sculpture, tools, clay, wax, armatures and art books are available for sale.

Shidoni Arts Gallery

Shidoni Arts is an incomparable indoor and outdoor gallery devoted primarily to fine American crafts.

SHIDONI ARTS is a gallery of textures and colors: wood, metal, clay, glass, stone, paint, canvas, paper, resin and fiber.  These and other materials are carved, turned, bent, painted, fired, hammered, thrown or waxed into wonderful objects that challenge the eye and dazzle the imagination.  The mix is rich, eclectic, joyful and profound.

Visiting our spacious premises is a sensory experience: a blacksmith’s gate, or a woodworker’s cabinet interacts with an exquisite blown glass vase, or a photographer’s digital print.  Set amidst apple orchards and towering cottonwoods, guests are invited to take a stroll through the sculpture garden where one can truly appreciate the ‘magic” of Northern New Mexico.  Shidoni Arts is a unique environment equally suited to the seasoned or the novice collector.

We look forward to meeting with you on your next visit to Santa Fe.


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