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IAIA Student Exhibition

"The Time Is Now"

IAIA: The Time is Now: This exhibition is a glimpse into the Studio Arts Program of the Institute of American Indian Arts and the work being created by the diverse and talented student population. The Studio Arts program at IAIA offers students a flexible and comprehensive course of study leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Through exploration of historical and contemporary art practices, students develop technical and conceptual skills essential for success. Studio work, critical thinking and hands-on instruction by dedicated faculty are combined to foster development of artistic direction and is re-enforced by IAIA’s mission, “To empower creativity and leadership in Native Arts and cultures through higher education, life-long learning, and outreach.” The art emerging from the Institute of American Indian Arts is at the forefront of contemporary native art. The Institute of American Indian Arts along with the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts (MoCNA) encourages creative expression across the fields of arts and culture as an opportunity to engage, establish, foster, and cultivate in cross-cultural dialogue with communities at the local, national, and global level.

Featured Artists:

Alexander Lewis, Dason Culver, Jason W. Wells

Jazmin Novak, Eve Picher, Linda Smock

Matthew Eaton, Amalia Sparks, Russell Frye
Alexander Lewis "Spiritual Hunt"
Dason Culver "Bang"
Dason Culver "Between the Lines"
Dason Culver "Impact"
Dason Culver "Impressions of You"
Dason Culver "Impressions of You"
Dason Culver "Tribunal"
Joshua W. Wells "Slave Vessel II"
Joshua W. Wells "Slave Vessel III"
Joshua W. Wells "Those Forgotten"
Joshua W. Wells "A Better Place to Be II"
Jazmin Novak "Peaceful Moments"
Jazmin Novak "Ensnared"
Eve Picher "Full Moon"
Eve Picher "Waxing Moon"
Eve Picher "New Moon"
Linda Smock "Introspection"
Linda Smock "Introspection"
Matthew Eaton "Mobile Home"
Matthew Eaton "Ark of the Things I Covet"
Matthew Eaton "Altar"
Amalia Sparks "Lengthy Delay"
Amalia Sparks "Vocal Honesty"
Russell Frye "Navajo Blanket"
Russell Frye "Navajo Stripe Blanket"
Russell Frye "Ojo Caliente"
Russell Frye "Sunset"