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Dewane Hughes


Influenced heavily by the poets of the Beat Generation, as well as subsequent linguistic scholars such as Noam Chomsky and Marshall Mcluhan, he tries to create a formal reality that speaks to the essence of communication. It is his contention that “art” happens in the space between the object and the viewer. Of course we understand from Mcluhan that the method of delivery is as important as the message that is delivered, and it is this concept that directs his many creative decisions, such as material, compositional considerations, etc. However, his creative impetus is more closely akin to the raw and visceral perspective of writers like Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Hurbert Hunke, or of course Allen Ginsberg. This generation used its linguistic skill, with a drive to touch the heart of what was real to them, and created a new lexicon, a perspective of slang, that so too energizes his creative process.


Dewane Hughes "Disorder in the House"
Dewane Hughes "Disorder in the House"
Dewane Hughes "Icelandic Lullaby"
Dewane Hughes "Icelandic Lullaby"