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Claude Perry

Cedar Crest, New Mexico

Born in Raton, New Mexico, he was exposed to southwestern art and culture at an early age. With several years of mechanical and architectural drawing as a background he began formally studying sculpture (welding, metal fabrication) and design in Colorado in 1969. In 1975, he graduated from the University of Montana (Psychology/Art), and was a member of an artist’s warehouse co-op/gallery in Missoula, and had a lost-wax casting silver-smithing studio creating organic pieces with cast bezels and turquoise. Missing New Mexico, he returned in 1990 and has been living in Cedar Crest since 1997 where he has a design studio, metal shop, and paint room. Designing and creating new and different things he has needed and wanted in his own life has been ongoing. Wanting to get back into metal work, and to meet his own needs as a bass guitar player, the first music stand was created in 2010. Liking the concept music as a soul (music stand) and Santa Fe (kachina/totem) as a heart, Music Stand Santa Fe (MSSF) was started in 2012. Since then, MSSF has been creating a cast of worldly characters that have music as their soul and Santa Fe as their heart. Blending function into fine art, each one is a multi-functional sculpture for the viewer to play with.


Claude Perry "Lyle Love It"
Claude Perry "Lyle Love It"
Claude Perry "Spike"
Claude Perry "Spike"