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Lois Hannah

Vancouver Canada

Lois Hannah received her formal art education in Canada, graduating in 1976 from the Vancouver School of Art. The next few years were spent exploring the west coast on a fishing boat, and carving wood. One project during this time was a figurehead for a sailing vessel. A portrait commission took Lois to England in 1981, where she stayed for three years, casting and exhibiting her own work. She learned much of value, both in a small art foundry where she worked and in the studios of several artists. Returning to Canada, Lois spent some time working with racehorses, which became the focus of her sculpture during that period. After continuing to work with foundries in Ontario and British Columbia, she eventually co-founded a fine art foundry, Trio Bronze Ltd. in Langley, B.C., 1991. ·Lois' work reflects, of course, this interest in bronze. Her mastery of form and attention to quality are evident in all her work. "I generally want to model forms, with the result that my work is usually cast, and to that end I have my own foundry for bronzes. Other materials are interesting to me as well, as are other approaches, such as assemblage in wood and metal or casting in resins and cement. My work is, to a great extent, about animals. They provide a range of mood from active to meditative, and an interesting variety of form, as well as interaction with the human figure."  "Animals have been our mascots, our spirit guides, symbols, friends, workers, and playmates. Our relationship with them is encoded in our perception of them, and expression this finds in art. Anthropomorphism and sentimentality are common, but it is the difference of animals from us that makes them so interesting, not our projection of human traits onto them. Carefully observed, they can tell us a lot about ourselves."  Besides her art foundry and her own sculpture, Lois enjoys what she calls "sculptor's team sports", sandcastle competitions and parade float building.

Lois Hannah "Sangre"
Lois Hannah "Una"