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Duane Dammeyer 

Ventura, California


Duane’s work is shaped by a combination of education, life events and artistic influences. He received an engineering degree from the University of Cincinnati and studied art at Ventura College. Engineering influences the geometric forms such as triangles, cubes and spheres that are seen in many of his pieces. Construction and stone masonry experience contribute to design and composition as shown through the integration of different stones into a single piece. Nature inspires organic and fluid forms. He is particularly attracted to clean lines, sensuous curves and geometric against organic forms embracing the challenge of making stone, which is rigid and hard, look flexible and soft.


Each sculpture is an attempt to generate, in the viewer, an emotional connection with the work.   The finished piece is a give and take between the artist and the stone as interpreted through the eyes and emotions of the viewer.

Duane Dammeyer, "Neptune's Curtain II"
Duane Dammeyer, "Angulation"
Duane Dammeyer, "Window Through Time"
Duane Dammeyer, "Deco Dream"
Duane Dammeyer, "Plantform"
Duane Dammeyer, "Ribbon Candy"
Duane Dammeyer, "Infinite Love"
Duane Dammeyer, "Candle In The Wind"