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Alan Dahlstrand

Jamestown, California

His cut-rock lamp shades are created from rock that is translucent and offers a unique quality of lighting and a display of the natural patterns in the rock. Most rock is not translucent, therefore finding those that have a translucent quality is the first challenge in the making of a rock lamp. Many rocks are collected in order to find the translucent quality needed for lamps. The general types of rock that have been used in lamps include a variety of agates, opal, obsidian, quartz & mariposite, onyx, petrified wood, and cave marble (travertine). Many of these rock types do not have the translucent quality or interesting colors and patterns, so the choice of the rock to use requires the cutting of sample slices. Much of the rock used in these lamps has been collected in the field by him and his wife or purchased from rock shops if it is unavailable on public lands and the only source is a mining claim where it is mined and sold commercially. Each shade is designed to display the natural rock patterns and to carry the continuity of the patterns or fabric throughout each panel and the entire shade. Lamp bases are constructed from drill steel and bits that were previously used in the Altaville Gold Mine in Calaveras County, California or sculpted wood.


Alan Dahlstrand "Salmon Quartzite Floor Lamp"
Alan Dahlstrand "Salmon Quartzite Floor Lamp"