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Karen Avila

Tesuque, New Mexico

A master at the technique called “overlay”, which has been utilized for centuries by artists from many different cultures and civilizations. She became a student of this style over 30 years ago after seeing photographs of Hopi silverwork in a book about Native American jewelry. First, she draw a sketch, to scale, of the subject she wants to portray in the piece. Her ideas come from nature, such as insects, animals and plants, as well as art deco-like geometric shapes.  A paper template is cut and used to trace the design onto a sheet of 18 gauge silver.  A tiny hole is then drilled through the areas that will become negative space and after inserting a thin saw blade, the space is very carefully cut out.  This is repeated until the positive and negative spaces create the design.  This piece of silver is then soldered onto a solid sheet of 20 gauge silver, hence the term “overlay”, and the two pieces become one.


Karen Avila "Cats"
Karen Avila "Cats"
Karen Avila "Frogs"
Karen Avila "Frogs"